ESU is an online university offering courses, including credits for college and continuing education, on the latest physical and tactical training content from top practitioners in the sports industry.

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Loren Landow has worked with over 50 NFL All-Pro’s and over 20 first round draft selections in the NFL.

Andrea Hudy has trained 39 student-athletes who have been drafted into the NBA and 21 drafted into the WNBA.

Dr. Gene Coleman has worked with several MLB Hall of Famers among the likes of, Nolan Ryan and Jeff Bagwell.

John Hofman is one of the leading experts in the field of firefighter health and wellness.



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Latest Courses and Presentations

Loren Landow- Top End Speed (Non-CEU)
By: Loren Landow CSCS*D, MAT, USAW, NASM

Benefits and Techniques of Performing the Olympic Lifts With Dumbbells (Non CEU)
By: Allen Hedrick MA, CSCS,*D

Bryan Mann- Velocity Based Training (Non-CEU)
By: J. Bryan Mann, Ph.D., SCCC, CSCS

Sports Technology Based Certifications Coming Soon to
Elite Sports University

From the ESU Open Library

ESU Interview with Nick Winkelman of EXOS

Nick is the Director of Education at Athletes’ Performance where he oversees all mentorship education courses and is a full-time strength and conditioning coach. Nick has a diverse coaching background within the sports performance field working with NF …

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Multiplanar Jumps for Knee Injury Prevention

[Content by Loren Landow and Eric Bach] Think you’ll agree with us when we say: Sports are chaotic. Imagine you’re a quarterback. On a three-step drop you’re immediately flushed from the pocket. A 260 pound linebacker in barreling down your neck while …

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Two Jumping Methods to Improve Power and Athleticism

[Content by Loren Landow and Eric Bach] When it comes to training for improved performance, transfer of performance and minimizing injury is what it’s all about. When it comes to jumps, we’re talking about a directly applicable skill in most sports. Fu …

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