CEU Approved:

  • 0.2 NSCA CEU (Category D)

Course Description:

Protein consumption for improved aesthetics and athletic performance is a hotly debated topic. In this presentation, Dr. Campbell uses an evidence-based approach to explain and dispel some of the myths that surround this topic. Individual protein needs, types and intake recommendations for maximizing training adaptations are discussed in detail.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn an individual’s ideal protein needs to facilitate training goals
  • Understand the most appropriate types of protein to consume to maximize gains and facilitate recovery from training
  • Discover the most effective frequencies and timing related to protein consumption


Module 1Everything Athletes Need to Know about Protein 
Unit 1Everything Athletes Need to Know about Protein
Unit 2NSCA Quiz - Everything Athletes Need to Know about Protein

Presented By

Bill Campbell, Ph.D., FISSN, CSCS

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