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  • 0.5 NSCA CEU (Category D)

Course Description:

Leo Totten is President and Head Coach of Totten Training Systems, LLC, one of the top training businesses for coaches and athletes utilizing the Olympic lifts and their variations for improved strength and power.  His career spans over 32 years and includes: winning the USA Weightlifting Coaching Excellence Award, and being named coach or team leader for Team USA at two Olympics, three Pan Ams and five World Teams.

In this five-part series, Totten will take you through the risks and benefits of teaching the Olympic lifts and how each lift can enhance your athletes’ performance. He will also take you step-by-step on correct technique for each lift, teach you how to identify problem areas and how to correct them.

Learning Objectives:

  • Teaching the Power Clean
  • The Snatch – Not Just for Weightlifters Anymore
  • Power Development via Olympic Weightlifting
  • Teaching the Olympic Lifts and their Assistance Exercises
  • Corrective Strategies for Common Problematic Areas in Teaching the Olympic Lifts


Module 1Fundamentals of the Olympic Lifts: Why and How 
Unit 1Fundamentals of the Olympic Lifts: The Power Clean
Unit 2Fundamentals of the Olympic Lifts: The Snatch
Unit 3Fundamentals of the Olympic Lifts: Olympic Lifts and their Assistance Exercises
Unit 4Fundamentals of the Olympic Lifts: Power Development
Unit 5Fundamentals of the Olympic Lifts: Corrective Strategies
Unit 6NSCA Quiz - Fundamentals of the Olympic Lifts: Why and How

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Leo Totten MS, USAW 5

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