By Patrick McHenry

There are many different exercises and pieces of equipment to exercise with.

The 41 inch band is a piece of equipment that allows the lifter to perform a wide variety of exercises, can be taken with the lifter on the road, outside or in the gym and requires the lifter to use stabilizing muscles during the lifts.

For the beginning lifter it is important to remember the Ways We Move:

Forward/ backward / lateral/ diagonal/ up/down/ rotation horizontal/ rotation vertical. Our programs must incorporate the way we move during training sessions. The body knows movement not muscles, so train patterns not individual muscles.

41” Band

List of Exercises: I like to start at feet and work up Squat

  • Stand on Band low/ front/ back/
  • Band on Waist (angle of pull) F/B/ single
  • Put band on rack and hold on to it F/ B/ Overhead/ Single leg ( great way to teach depth)
  • Put belt on or harness (can put around waist it you have to)
  • Belt or harness and form run Lunges
  • Band on Waist Front/ Back/ Lateral/ Diagonal
  • Band on belt or harness
  • Hold Band F/B/L/D
  • Step Up on bench or box
  • Band on Waist F/B/L/D
  • Hold Band F/B/L/D/


  • Stand on double over
  • Put on rack and hold as you do an RDL

-Single hold low Stand Leg Curl

  • Run on bottom/top of foot (can use partner to stabilize) Partner Leg Curl
  • Lay on stomach around feet
  • All 4’s donkey kick press back (band around foot)
  • Push up position band on foot bring knee to chest then press out


  • Stand on band doubled over pull
  • Stand on band single various grip high to pull Snatch Squat
  • Stand on push up as you go down
  • Squat then press up in squatting position Bottom Squats
  • As you squat down, push the band up almost as if you are pushing against an immovable object
  • Can do 1 or 2 arm Push Press (try)

Single arm pulls: like kettle bells

Adductor but on ankle (use strap around ankle) go in multiple directions

Chest (can be done with one or two bands) Bench (can be done with one or two bands)

  • Band around rack, band is looped so greatest resistance

-2 arm bench

-Single arm


  • Band around rack open stand inside

-2 arm bench

  • Band around back

-2 arm

-Single arm

-Piston Push-Ups

  • Band on back

-try looping around body and then pull tight Scoops (waist to eyes)

  • Open band so it is at the waist, push at an Incline
  • Angle band is tied Shoulders


  • Stand on band front/back Arnold Press
  • Can do single arm
  • Front/side/back, single band on rack Lateral Raise
  • Band across shoulders
  • Stand on opposite foot then opposite arm Rotation
  • Verstegen Series Chops
  • Band on rack high pull low
  • Low attach high pull (stand and one knee face away)
  • Middle attach rotate face rack
  • YTA
  • Snow angles
  • 3 way row
  • Bend at waist row
  • Archer
  • Plank position 1 arm row


  • 1 push/ 1 pull in rack

Rotator Cuff Series (look at bands tom has in training room(baseball series)) Sport Specific

  • Each sport has their own Arms
  • Bicep Curl

-Stand on partner, hold.

-2 arms / 1 arm


  • Tricep Extension

-Overhead, connect to rack or hold

-Kick back

  • Partner Arms

-1st partner: holds for bicep curl

-2nd partner: does tricep push down Lats/Back

  • 3 Way Row

-Thumbs neutral/up /straight/ arm pull down.

  • Row/Bent over

-1 arm or 2 arms

  • Reverse Fly
  • Over Rack Lat Pull Down

-Kneel down partner hold

– Tie band on rack cross arms

  • Reverse Fly

-Archer pull across body and step back