Continuing with our 2forTuesday outdoor series, today we’re going to work on a press. Now, before I do a lot of overhead presses or vertical presses, today I’m going to be doing a horizontal press, including my legs with it so wrap my body around an immovable object and my feet hip to shoulder width apart. I’m going to squat down, stand up and bench press at the same time. Squat, press ,squat, press, this is working Quads, lower body and then getting that good bench-press movement at the same. If you want to make it a little bit harder, keeping it in as you go down Press out and then standing back up press out standing back up press out Standing back up . So there are a couple different variations, the easiest one being squat down press up as you’re coming up. The harder one-squatting down press to at the same Time. Patrick McHenry- 2forTuesday- legs upper-body horizontal press.