Patrick McHenry here for 2forTuesday, to show you the versatility of the 41 inch band. I thought I’d come outside and show you how we can use it with an immovable object. Today what I did was I took my band tight around the pole and my first one that I’m going to work on the hamstrings and back again a lot of times people focus on what we call our mirror muscles this time I’d like to focus in on the back. What I’m going to do is show you a couple different variations the first one being the easiest variation. When I go through and talk about my single leg by RDL I’m going to go through a two-foot RDL.  First, simply hip hinge movement from the hip going down given that good range of motion coming back up. As I come back up slow, it’s an RDL to row, again hip hinge, keep my legs locked back nice and straight as a chair. As I come up, both hands up so I’m working both my rhomboids my back and back rear delts few reps.  Upright row hip hinge upright row now if you want to make it a little bit harder what I’m going to do is to a staggered stance left like forward going to make a little bit harder using one arm.  So with arm one leg go down keeping my leg nice and straight. If you are having balance issues put your foot down. If not keep it up straight up and one arm row,  if that’s too hard if you want to use both hands; keeping your left foot back for stability again coming down lifting your foot. Today’s 2forTuesday- RDL back of legs, upright row, back rhomboids, traps.