Today’s segment of 2forTuesday; we’re still using our 41 inch band, but now we’re going to do something just a little bit different. Being out in the field, we’re going to use a weight from the weight room. IF in the weight room, I would have this secured to a rack or stand, something that will not move.
The first exercise that we’re going to do is very basic; feet hip to shoulder width apart- squat down, good depth and as I come up, one arm row. Squat down, one arm row. Now, if I want to add a little bit of variation; I can do a split squat- one leg forward one leg back squat. Down and row. Squat down, row. Squat down, row. Notice I’m doing opposite arm opposite leg, just as if we run, to make it a little bit harder- working the full-core, full lower body.
This time I’m going to work a little bit more hamstring. Standing on my leg to make it easy. The first one I’m going to do is a single leg RDL. So, standing on one leg RDL you have to maintain a good balance. Now, if I feel like I’m falling off balance, I put my leg down. If I can, I will keep my leg up to row. RDL to row. Again, if you feel like you’re going to wobble at all, put your leg down. RDL to row- with this one getting both hamstring and a little bit of our back- more of our rear muscles that a lot of people tend to forget.