Squat Press

Today’s Squat Press 2forTuesday- we’re going to go through and add a variation.  We’ve done the squat, we’ve done the press, and this time we’re pressing at the bottom. Feet will be hip to shoulder width apart, good squat stance. Now, I’m going to have the bar at my back as I squat down, I’m going to press, as if I was in a snatch, back down, stand up, squat- press back down. Stand up.  A couple of keys that we want to look for when we squat down;

1) Make sure we’re getting that good depth here. Press up, keeping my torso nice and straight and then coming back up again.

2) Nice relaxed arms-squat down pressing up. Notice that keeping my back nice and tight.

This one’s going to be a little bit harder because you have to have the core strength. You have to have the flexibility in your shoulders -when you’re at the bottom- to press straight up. You don’t want to have your athlete leaning forward; therefore, you’re protecting their back. Nice tight core, good arm press. A more advanced,  Squat-to-press/Full Squat Press Overhead.