Squat Press- Legs & Shoulders
2forTuesday is a new segment where we do one exercise, that uses two different muscle groups. Now the first one that we’re going to start out with our is using the 41 inch band. The reason I like the 41 inch band, is that you can do a lot of different exercises with it, it comes in a wide variety of thicknesses, so you can do everything from novice, all the way to advanced- using the band. Yet it’s just adding the thickness to make it more resistance.
We’re going to go through the first one. Squat/Press- so with our 41 inch band, feet hip to shoulder width apart- getting that good base- bring it up. Now I like doing it in the front and will show you a couple different variations. Holding it as if I had a clean grip on the bar, I’m going to squat, knees behind toes, head up, back straight. Come up and press over head. Again,coming down, sit back- I should be able to wiggle my toes- sitting nice and tight, coming up, press up, down, up, press, squat down, up, press. The beauty of this exercise, is 1) working the legs. Again, anytime we do the legs, we want to make sure that we get at least thighs parallel to the ground. We’re getting both hamstrings and quads. we’re going to get a lot of core, if you notice, when I squat down- maintaining that nice upright position- I squat down and I have to keep my core a nice solid position. Coming up, flexing my core and then one continuous motion above my head squat down. Up and press. For those of you that are doing a lot of pressing in the front, one variation you may want, is to have the band on your back. Simply standing on the back feet- hip to shoulder width apart-this time I’m just going to put the band on my back. I want to have my hands up, squat down, come up pressing up, keep my shoulder blades pinched. When I squat down back straight, keeping my shoulder blades tight.Today’s 2forTuesday- Squat press/ Legs&Shoulders.