Step Press

Today’s Step Press 2forTuesday- is going to be a slight variation. We go through and we do a lot of contra lateral steps. Opposite arm, opposite leg and through.  If I was going to run, opposite arm, opposite leg.  So I want to go through and I want to work that cross body pattern. I will give you a couple different variations- first variation: I’m going to step on the band and make it a little bit simpler. Step left, press, right step, press, left press right. Now, I want to make this exercise a little bit harder- I’m simply going to twist the band. Now notice that as I step, first of all I’m keeping my body a nice straight line, I can hold my arms up here; step, press, step, press, step press coming back step press step press step, press.  As I’m moving through, I like this one a little bit more glute medius, glute minimus. I get a little bit more of that matter of work and we’re still maintaining that nice upright torso pushing opposite arm opposite leg. Today’s 2forTuesday- Monster walks/Step Press.