by Patrick McHenry (


There are many different ways of taking attendance to maximize the students class time. Some professionals advocate against sitting the students in line while attendance is taken. There are advantages for having students in alphabetical order while taking attendance. I can quick see who is missing while the students are filling out how much they are lifting for each set. They should be finished filling out their lifting cards by the time I am done and I can put them in at their first lifting station. The students show me their lifting cards and I send them to their stations. I am checking that all the lifts are filled in correctly, they have weight that is appropriate and they know the all the lifts performed during each session. It is easy for a substitute to take attendance as well. I have tried to put the students at prearranged stations and take attendance while they start their first set. You want to make sure that the students have their cards filled out before starting their lifting. Then you can check to see if the correct weight was on the bar.