This post on the EliteFTS Sports Performance podcast with Loren Landow dives into NFL Combine Preparation preparation, UFC and MMA Training, and vital advice to young coaches looking to accelerate their career.

2:30 Mentally Preparing for the NFL Combine: 8 Weeks for 2 tenths

  • The stopwatch trick and the importance of rehearsal and getting the “buy-in” from athletes

9:15 The training structure for combine prep

  • How to structure 8 training sessions per week for optimal performance

12:00 Positional and Individual Differences when teaching combine drills

  • The Biggest Mistakes athletes makes widen changing directions

17:00 Common Acceleration Mistakes

  • 40 yd dash, everyone crowds the line, which causes athletes to pop up too fast. Trading inches for angles. Trade distance from the line for better shin angles and acceleration lean (see acceleration wall drill) for faster running speeds
  • Plantar flexion on lean leg (pointing toe down), preventing athletes from pushing off hard due to a pliable ankle. By staying dorsiflexed you create rigid lever to generate force in the hips

19:30 Best Strength Exercises for Acceleration and Power

  • Squat, deadlift, cleans
  • Declerated drops and jumps
  • True specificity must be focused on deceleration mechanics on the field.

21:00 Deceleration is the most underrated component of performance

  • Incorporating mutli-directional deconditioning both when fresh and fatigued to prevent non-contact injuries. If you haven’t prepared for it, you’re susceptible to injury!

23:30 How Brendan Schwab got Loren started training MMA fighters

30:00 There is no off-season in MMA. the organization of a training camp.

  • The Misconceptions: Why Strength & Power training is so important for MMA

33:00 Preparing Cat Zingano for her fight against Ronda Rousey and Fight camp

35:00 Why to avoid long distance runs for combat athletes
37:00How Loren got into sports performance and who were his biggest influences.
39:00 The best advice Loren would give to young coaches to accelerate their career

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