By Tara Sims

Macronutrients: What Are They & How To Calculate


Nutritional components of the human diet that are required in large amounts- protein, fats and carbohydrates. Each of these macronutrients provide energy in the form of calories.

Protein = 1g = 4 calories

  • Fat = 1g = 9 calories
  • Carbs = 1g = 4 calories

Importance of Knowing Your Macronutrient Needs:

Every individual will have a set of daily macros (macronutrients) that they should hit daily. This is calculated by finding their TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure), which are the amount of calories someone needs in 24hrs. This is based off an individuals age, weight, height and activity level. Once daily caloric needs are known an individual can break down how much each of those

calories should be put towards protein, fat and carbs.

  • Protein = 20-30% of caloric needs
  • Fat = 20-30% of caloric needs
  • Carbs = 40-50% of caloric needs

How to Calculate Your Macros:

  • Go to myfitnesspal-tutorial and read for additional info
  • Use calculator,, to find out your personalized macros
  • Set macros in MyFitnessPal


Average Macro Guideline – Not Personalized:

Protein = 114g = 25% caloric intake Fat = 52g = 25% caloric intake Carbs = 228g = 50% caloric intake Total = 1,836 Calories

These are average numbers you can input and adjust weekly based on how you are feeling to find what intake works best for you! They are also good numbers to use if looking for more of a guideline and are not interested in calculating exact macros. The goal is to become more self aware of food consumption and making healthier/balanced food choices!

How To Use Food Tracking App

  1. Download the My Fitness Pal or MyMacros+ app onto your phone! This is how you will track your daily macronutrient
  2. To set your custom macros:

//My Fitness Pal

:: Select ‘More’ at the bottom right of screen

:: Choose ‘Goals’

:: Click ‘Calorie’ and Macronutrient Goals’

:: Plug In your custom macros

:: To input the information using grams you will have to upgrade the app or you can round to the nearest percentage

  1. You may notice that you sometimes hit your macros, but not always your calories. This is a miscalculation in the application. As long as you hit your grams/macros, you have hit your calories!
  2. Meal Frequency is up to you! Do whatever works for your body and
  3. When it comes to tracking I have found the easiest way to reduce stress is plan ahead! Every night I plan out my meals for the next This way I am ready to go the next day and do not have to worry about being off. I also suggest meal prepping and planning over the weekend. It will save you time and stress during your week!
  4. Make sure to consume Pre and post workout meals!

//Pre-Workout Meal: Fat + Carbs + Proteins

//Post-Workout Meal: Carbs (40-60 grams is ideal) + Protein (25-30 grams). This also is the best time to consume simple sugars.

  1. Keep your sugars under 50 grams/day, and your sodium under 2,500 mg/day
  2. Food scales are great in helping understand portion sizes!

Food Suggestions & Shopping List



  • //Turkey
  • //Chicken
  • //Tilapia
  • //Chicken Sausage
  • //Eggs
  • //Egg Whites
  • //Hard Boiled Eggs
  • //Jerky
  • //Protein Powder

  • //Almond Butter
  • //Peanut Butter
  • //Avocado
  • //Almonds
  • //Cashews
  • //Coconut Oil
  • //Olive Oil
  • //Avocado Oil
  • //Fish Oil

  • //Sweet Potatoes
  • //Yams
  • //Oats/Oatmeal
  • //Apples
  • //Bananas
  • //Rice Cakes
  • //Jelly
  • //Cereals
  • //Tortillas
  • //Breads
  • //Popcorn
  • //Carrots
  • //Cauliflower
  • //Zucchini
  • //Onions
  • //Broccoli
  • //Brussel Sprouts
  • //Bell Peppers
  • //Butternut Squash
  • //Spaghetti Squash
Brands I Love

  • //Vans Gluten Free Waffles
  • //Quest Bars
  • //Oh Yeah One Bars
  • //D’s Naturals Bars
  • //Oatmega Bars
  • //Lenny and Larry
  • //Peanut Butter and CO
  • //Birch Benders Pancake Mix
  • //Kodiak Pancake Mix
  • //Quaker Oatmeal Packets
  • //Canyon Bakehouse Bread
  • //Halo Top Ice Cream
  • //Enlightened Ice Cream
  • //Peanut Butter & CO
  • //Boom Chicka Pop
  • //Potapas Sweet Potato Tortillas
  • //PEScience Protein

  • //Coconut Milk
  • //Almond Milk
  • //Hummus
  • //Salsa
  • //Mustard
  • //Hot Sauce
  • //Coconut Aminos
  • //Spices
  • //Powdered Peanut Butter
  • //Pickles

::80/20 Rule – 80 Percent nutrient dense foods and 20 Percent fun foods!::