The school year is quickly approaching the half way point and winter break is coming soon; this is a good time for the coach / PE teacher to evaluate the first half of their year and their lifting program. The NSCA has developed a “Site Evaluation Worksheet” that covers nine different areas in the high school weight room and a second section on “Student Impact”.

This worksheet is based on the Strength and Conditioning Professional Standards and Guidelines position paper. This 32 question paper is an easy “yes / no” check sheet to show coaches / teachers areas that will enhance their strength and conditioning facility.
Each area was chosen because of its impact on the strength and conditioning facility and ultimately their program.

The Evaluation worksheet will help assess the room, equipment, and operational aspects of a weight room. It does not look at the workouts, exercises or how the exercises are taught. The NSCA has information and programs for “teaching the lifts”, “program design” and “Long Term Athletic Development”.

The Site Evaluation worksheet covers these nine areas:
1. Pre-Participation Screening and Clearance
2. Personnel Qualifications
3. Program Supervision and Instruction
4. Facilities and Equipment Set-up
5. Emergency Planning and Response
6. Records and Record Keeping
7. Equal Opportunity and Access
8. Participation in Strength and Conditioning Activities by Children
9. Supplements, Ergogenic Aids, and Drugs

Part 2: The Number of Students your Program Impacts

The paper includes both “standards” and “guidelines” because each term “has different legal implications”. They are defined as:
-“standard” is a required operating procedure that reflects a daily duty or obligation.
-“guideline” is a recommended operating procedure that can enhance standard of care but is not as critical or enforceable as the required standards.

When using the Evaluation worksheet if further clarification is needed, the coach / PE teacher can refer to the Standards & Guidelines (1) for a more detailed description of each topic and references to update their program if needed.