Despite all the advances in science and performance it’s been difficult to bridge the gap between quantifiable statistics on movement in the lab and chaotic nature of movement in sports.

As a result, there’s a huge gap between the assessment protocols in measuring the symmetry of athletic movements in the lab versus the chaotic nature of sports.

Problem is, most assessments only look at range of motion and stability in slow, controlled movements in the controlled environment of a biomechanics lab instead of fast-paced actions that take place in sport. While laboratory data is invaluable it leaves much to be desired in the assessment process to mimic the demands sports place on your athletes.

In other words, there is a gap between the assessments we perform with athletes and true tissue and joint demands required for optimal, injury free performance.  

Well, that gap is closing thanks to DorsaVI. DorsaVI is a data gathering system that allows coaches and athletes to gain real-world, quantifiable data on joint mechanics to optimize performance and reduce injury risk.

The DorsaVI system attaches non-invasive tracking software to athletes to monitor the true tissue and joint demands on athletes while providing vital information on joint and movement symmetry.

For Coaches

As coaches we are constantly analyzing our athletes skills and asking questions.

How well can the athlete accelerate and decelerate?

How well do they change direction?

Are joint mechanics balanced and symmetrical, or do they favor one leg over the other?




These are key questions in optimizing movement efficiency and preventing injuries in your athletes—dorsa VI provides qualitative and quantifiable data to show you where the holes are in your athlete’s performance.

Through gathering this information gives you quantifiable and qualifiable data regarding biomechanical positions, joint mechanics such as knee varus and valgus, the symmetry of movements, and measures of rhythm and timing during movement.

As a result, you have a true profile to create customized programming for post-injury return to activity and to plan progression and measure progress through joint mechanics during movement over the course of an athletic career.

In other words, you have 100% unique data to each athlete to optimize performance to their specific needs, whether it’s returning from an injury or maximizing movement efficiency.

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 Wrap Up

Dorsa VI assessments are used with most of Director of Sports Performance Loren Landow’s athletes to gain valid information on his athletes. This helps create fully customizable training to prevent injuries and optimize movement efficiency for greater levels of sports performance.
Remember, each tool is only as good as the practitioner uses it, but access to cutting edge data is imperative to maximize performance and take your athletes’ performance to the next level.