This post on Ron McKeefery’s Iron Game Chalk Talk Performance podcast with Loren Landow dives into his journey in the Strength and Conditioning field, the importance of mentors, and how to develop a world class clientele.

6:15 Entering the Strength and Conditioning Field

The importance of mentors

9:15 Mastering the Machine

Why you must master movement patterns and create a connection between mind and body to improve your performance.

10:30 How do you motivate Elite Athletes

Find out how teachable your athletes are and explain “why” what you’re coaching matters. Breakdown the rationale, show your athletes, and you’ll improve the learning curve.

13:00 The Biggest Difference Between College and Pro Athletes

The importance of teaching your athletes builds their knowledge and skill base over time.

15:15 How To Handle Athletes with pre-existing injuries who need to improve performance rapidly

Using your movement screens as I diagnostic tool

18:00 What Should Coaches look for in deceleration training?

A combination of the weight room and on field movement. How well do you athletes absorb and transfer force?

You must prepare the neuromuscular system to handle sports specific tasks, it doesn’t just happen.

22:00 To Become a Better Specialist you must become a Better Generalist

Learn and master the basics, they’re basic and have withstood the test of time for a reason!

23:30 The Biggest Surprises from this years NFL Combine

The biggest deficiencies in movement during this years combine athletes and how we can improve.

27:28 Understanding the UFC Community

The X-Factor for MMA athletes and finding the missing link. Your MMA athletes must be strong, not just conditioned.

33:00 What are the Best Things That have helped you build an athletic clientele

Staying consistent in the same area is huge in building personal relationships and a reputation. Create your own referral sources!

36:00 The Best Piece of Coaching Advice

You Must be adaptable. Things will change on the fly and you must know how to re-direct training on a dime.

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