Pat Davidson

Pat Davidson is the Director of Training Methodology at Peak Performance in New York City. Pat has a PhD in Exercise Physiology and is a competitive strongman in the 175 pound class who has finished in the top 10 at the North American Strongman (NAS) National Championships and has competed for the Amateur World Championships at the Arnold Classic both of the last two years. Pat has coached many strongman athletes, including multiple NAS National Champions in the 2014 calendar year. Pat bases his training methodology on his interpretation of block program design, and he relies on information from the Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) to guide him in his understanding of biomechanics and the strategies he utilizes to keep athletes feeling healthy and happy.

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ESU Round Table – Strongman Training (Non-CEU)

It is not just lifting heavy things.

In this ESU round table, Dr. Pat Davidson, Dr. Jay Dawes, and Coach Mark Taysom discuss the science behind strongman competition and training.


Learning Objectives:

  • What is strongman?
  • Strongman testing
  • Technique
  • Challenges