Christian Rossato

Christian Rossato was born in Italy and the Martial Arts field is his world being a family tradition, starting at 5 years old until today, being 40 years old. Christian won 10 Italian and 5 European titles and 1 world Championship on karate and 1 European title ju-jitsu being part of the Italian National Team since age 18. Christian specialized in athletic performance because he knew that in Italy there is a lack of knowledge about how a super fighter can be built. Sixteen years ago Christian met his associate Carlo Buzzichelli and started studying with him. After 4 years the Tudor Bompa Institute Italy was born, which Christian has been the president for 8 years. From that period Christian got certification as a Periodization Planning and Techniques Recovery & Regeneration Specialist from TBI/Italy. Christian had the opportunity to get several Internships with famous names such as Charles Poliquin, Charles Staley, Fred Koch (trainer of biathletes renewed world and General Manager of Tudor Bompa Institute – International). Christian also visited the Cuban Olimpic Center and the Superior Institute of Physical Education of Havana, the Cuban Federation of Soccer and the Cuban Center of Training for Track and Field with theoretical exchanges with national coaches and university professors, application of soft tissues and dynamic-passive stretching with international athletes. One of the most exciting experiences Christian had was the Internship at Lee Walley Athletics Centre with Dan Pfaff for two times and in 2014 Christian attended the Apprenticeship Program at World Athletics Center under Dan Pfaff’s supervision. In 2015 Christian met with Loren Landow at Steadman-Hawkins Denver Sports Performance and Christian started an Internship with Loren attending his facility for one month this year. When Christian came back from the USA Christian was recognized as “Azzurro d’Italia” which is one of the most desired title for an athlete.
Early this year Christian founded with his associate Carlo Buzzichelli ISCI (International Strength & Conditioning Institute).
Recently Christian got certifications with Precision Nutrition Level 1 and Christian will also finish the Master with ISSA-USA within this year. Christian worked as Strength and Conditioning Coach for Valsugana Volley A.S.D. B1 male for 2 years and two further seasons with Tennis A.T.A.- A.S.D. Christian worked as a Personal trainer at Virgin Active in Venice for 4 years. Now Christian is the owner of Elite Performance Studio in Padova where he is focusing on building fighters on karate and ju-jitsu and forming 20 boxers for Padova Ring (the oldest and most famous school in north Italy).

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