Scott Moody is the founder and CEO of AthleteFIT, an athletic performance and research center in Overland Park, Kansas. Moody has used his FIT (Functionally Integrated Training) method to bridge the gap between the athletic, physical skills and technical, tactical application of those skills in unique and innovative ways. This blend of speed and technical performance has been the focal point of his training philosophy since 2005, and has been used to train thousands of athletes, many of which have won championships on the High School, Club, College and Professional Level, including 6 players from the 2015 World Cup Championship team, Olympic Gold Medalists and World Record Holders. Moody’s GameSPEED training and testing systems have become a sought after resource by thousands of coaches in over 30 countries. Moody is an international speaker and published author, and he currently uses his website, to provide training tips, research and online consulting programs to coaches worldwide.

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Instructor(s): Scott Moody
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