To put it lightly, Gene Coleman is one of the foremost experts in human performance and a true legend in the field of Strength and Conditioning. In today’s post, Gene was kind enough to sit down and chat with director of Sports Performance Loren Landow on his 30+ years as an MLB Strength Coach while providing valuable insight to the up and coming sports performance practicioner, trainers, and coaches, including what separates the elite athletes and coaches from their peers.

On what Separates Elite:

In this post we discuss the traits that separate the elite players and athletes from crowd. Not surprisingly, the same traits that separate elite athletes from their peers separate elite coaches and practitioners from those who struggle make a living and help their clients.

Key Points that set the table for Success:

  • Be the first guy in, and the last guy out
  • Be on time, every single time
  • Be a good teammate or co-worker
  • Have respect for the game (or your profession)

What Elite Coaches Look for When Hiring (4:50):

Furthermore, Gene discusses his time as a Strength and Conditioning coach at the highest level and what he looks for in aspiring strength coaches.

Key Points:

  • Educational background and certified, like the accredited courses we offer at ESS (
  • Be on time, be early, and show respect
  • High energy with the willingness to ask questions and seek direction
  • Be capable—If you can’t execute an exercise or drill you can’t expect to teach it.
  • What do you bring to the table? Specifically, what skills do you have that will improve the staff, team, and culture. (6:45)
  • Be willing to work and know your craft (15:40)

For example, if you’re “strength guy” and need better movement training, look for a coach that is an expert in movement mechanics. (P.S. Check out Phase One to learn optimal acceleration, top speed, and change of direction mechanics)

A Typical Day as an MLB Strength Coach:

  • The grind of 162 games in 180 days
  • Equipment, facilities, and last-minute program adjustments
  • There is no typical day—have a well thought out plan and progression and make adjustments as needed. (9:10)
  • Career highlights, such as Hall of Fame players, the World Series, and Playoff runs

Gene Coleman is a true legend in the exercise science community. The depth and clarity of this discussion provide invaluable insight you accelerate your career and a Strength and Conditioning coach or practitioner.

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Dr. Coleman is a Professor at the University of Houston-Clear Lake in the Fitness and Human Performance Program. His work with NASA’s Astronaut Training Manual and the Houston Astros are contributing factors in his receiving the Lifetime Achievement award. “The NSCA provides a professional certification and registration program for strength and conditioning coaches in professional baseball,” says Coleman. “As a professor, the NSCA has provided resources to improve student learning and a certification test to help evaluate professional competencies.”


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