Steve Hess

Keeping the Nuggets in top physical shape is the job of Steve Hess, the team’s assistant coach/strength and conditioning. Hess oversees the team’s weight training, conditioning, stretching and nutritional programs. He designed and arranged the Nuggets’ sparkling weight room in the Pepsi Center and also designed functional pieces unique to the Denver Nuggets.

In his 12th season with the Nuggets, Hess creates and administers individual workout programs for each player throughout the entire year. He spends the majority of the off-season working with the Nuggets players as well as other professional athletes, overseeing every aspect of their workout programs. He pushes them to reach their peak physical condition.

Hess is a part owner of FORZA fitness and performance center and is one of 10 trainers worldwide who sits on the Under Armour training council.

A graduate of Ithaca College (N.Y.), Hess received a master’s degree in physical education with an emphasis on sports medicine and a bachelor’s degree in exercise science fitness and cardiac rehabilitation in ‘91.

In addition, Hess has had much television experience and has been featured on NBA Inside Stuff and on The Eating Network. He also has his own workout segment on the Altitude Sports and Entertainment Network.
Steve Hess is the Strength Coach for the NBA’s Denver Nuggets. With nearly 20 years experience, Steve Hess is one of the most well-respected coaches in the industry.

In this interview, Steve explains the importance of energy, consistency, and staying on top of your game to make it as a Coach in the NBA. This conversation offers invaluable insight to help you take your coaching to the next level, providing you with tips to achieve a long, successful career and improve the buy-in for your athletes.

Passion in the industry: 6:00

The Importance of Consistency In Coaching: 6:55

The Keys To Long-Term Success as a Strength Coach: 8:30

A Typical Day as an NBA Strength Coach: 9:56

Find out the specific schedule it takes to be a strength coach in-season on NBA, off-days, and Off-season Training.

Why you Must Individualize Based on the Individual Athlete and Client: 13:50

The Grind and Long-Days on the Road as An Athlete and Coach: 15:47

Dealing around the NBA Lockout and Injuries: 17:55

The Biggest Issue in the Industry: 19:30

Where most coaches make mistakes and the biggest hole in performance training.

Common Injury Patterns for Basketball Players: 23:00

Bigger, faster, stronger isn’t the only picture. There are bigger things at play for your athletes.

In-Season Modeling for the NBA Athlete: 25:20

A strong stable body puts you in a better position to succeed. Stress is cumulative, you must take all factors into account, including social, and emotional.

The Role in Analytics in Measuring Stress on NBA Players: 27:30

How GPS and other tools play a role in monitoring the NBA in-season athlete.

How to Keep NBA Off-Season Fun: 29:10

The best things for Sports Specific Training is training your sport directly. During the off-season, we change gears to improve the athletes’ physical capabilities and improve camaraderie.
You Must be adaptive and creative.

The Importance of Preserving Your Athletes 31:30

It’s not just about crushing your athletes’ as much as possible– it’s improving their long-term performance and preserving their career.

The Transition from Amateur to Pro Athletics:33:50

Transitioning from Amateur competition to professional is a huge change, especially for young and international athletes’. Here’s how to weather the storm and gear your athletes for the next level.