The goal of this website and blog is to bring you the highest quality information to improve your ability and business as a coach and sports performance practicioner.  That’s why we brought in Chris Hecht, Physical education teacher and athletics coach at Graland Country Day School in Denver, Colorado.
Chris has daily first-hand experience training youth athletes and long term athletic development, an extremely underrated learning tool for coaches and trainers.

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This is a very insightful discussion on Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) and the place where sports performance, a love for fitness, and athleticism truly begins– in primary school. This video blog pulls out the key, important points in LTAD and identifies the key components for building better athletes with a long term love of physical activity and sports.

First are foremost, this provides valuable insight for coaches and trainers who work with younger athletes and build the foundation that is either very large, or very small when sports amplify in intensity and importance for young athletes.

Without further ado, here is the latest ESS Roundtable: Chris Hecht on Youth Training Athletes and Long Term Athletic Development. I’d love to hear your comments and thoughts on the Facebook page or your ESS Profile.

Show Notes:

1:00 Frequency of Training with Youth Athletes

  • The importance of developing basic movement patterns with youth athletes
  • Why high frequency and incorporating movement training daily is important

2:45 Implimenting LTAD at the Youth Levels

  • Difficulties progressing and regressing youth athletes

3:30 Implementing basic skills

  • The importance of developing multi-level change of direction skills with all athletes
  • change of direction, multi-directional movement, tri-planar movement skills with athletes
  • Incorporating basic skills and movement patterns with youth athletes

6:30 Guidance for young physical education coaches

  • You must break everything down to basics, kids don’t really know much. You need to build them up and mold them with basic movement skills for them t0 build on.

8:30 Positive Coaching and Reinforcement for Athletes

  • Teach basic movements like jumping, skipping, coordination. Kids are either doing the activity right or they aren’t– you must stay on youth athletes to groove correct movement patterns in a positive environment.
  • Create an enjoyable love for health, fitness, and groove healthy long-term behaviors.

13:00 Incorporating Friendly Competition

  • The balance of fun, effort, and competition in building long-term fitness and performance is absolutely vital
  • Separate what athletes need versus what they want

15:00 Traits of the Best Athletes When Younger

17:15 Great books for Coaches and practitioners

  • Why you need to read Istvan Balyi’s Long-term Athletic Development
  • How to work with athletes and manage high training loads from concurrent club and school sports.
  • How to develop long-term skills and enjoyment for youth athletes, aiding the development.


About Chris:
Chris Hecht is the PE and Athletics Coach at Graland Country Day School in Denver, Colorado. He works with athletes K-8 and prepares them for long-term athletic development and building a sound base of performance and movement in youth athletes.

photo credit: IMG_6963.2 via photopin (license)