NSCA-TSAC program

This post delves into the latest program and one of the hottest trends in the Strength and Conditioning Industry with Tactical Training. With that in mind, we could think of no-one better than The NSCA’s TSAC Program Manager, Tyler Christiansen.

Tactical training is a new wave as the demands of our military, police, fire fighting, and tactical professionals continues to grow.

NSCA-TSAC program

In this chat, we address:

  • How Tyler got involved in the TSAC Program
  • Freak feats of Military performance
  • The number one goal of tactical coaches and how it differs from coaching athletes
  • Upcoming educational NSCA TSAC programs
  • Education tips, tricks, books, and tools for Tactical Coaches

1:30 How Tyler got into the TSAC Program

  • The rigors of transitioning from collegiate strength and conditioning to TSAC training in Baghdad, Iraq
  • Incorporating military discipline and values into Strength and Conditioning Programs

4:15 Educating Your Athletes

  • Tactical athletes have long deployments and limited times for training. It is imperative you provide them with the “what” and “why” for all their training.

6:15 Understanding the TSAC Role

  • Not trying to improve just speed or agility, you’re training to save lives.
  • The sports and athletes that tactical members are most similar too.

8:05 Traditional Military Training and Steady State Cardio

  • the challenges of creating buy-in as a younger coach to get maximal results

10:30 Training Around Missions

  • If you’re training gets in the way of mission performance, you’ve seriously screwed up. The stakes are life and death.

13:42 Freak feats of Military Soldiers

  • The unique work capacity and mental toughness of soldiers

16:00 Tyler’s Role as TSAC Coordinator

  • Upcoming program development including periodization, nutrition, baseline training for tactical coaches.

20:00 Tyler’s favorite book for tactical strength coaches

Even if you have zero interest in Tactical, this conversation invites you inside the mind of one of the world’s top coaches. Kelly discusses habits, strategies, and thinking that can be applied to nearly everything.


About the Guest:Tyler Christiansen, CSCS,*D, USAW, RSCC, is a veteran soldier currently working as a Human Performance Specialist with the U.S. Army 7th Special Forces Group. Christiansen has worked with tactical athletes in the Special Forces community, as a TSAC Coordinator at the NSCA, and as an Exercise Physiologist at the Army Physical Fitness Research Institute. Christiansen has also worked with sport athletes at the collegiate and pro levels.