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Athletic Movement and Agility (Non-CEU)
By: Scott Moody

ESU Round Table – LTAD Summit (Non-CEU)
By: Patrick McHenry MA,CSCS*D

Legal Concepts for Sport, Fitness and Recreation (Non-CEU)
By: Jeff Potter

Goniometric Measurement (Non-CEU)
By: Craig Elder, PhD, ATC, CSCS

Marketing Strategies (Non-CEU)
By: Jeff Potter

Extreme Conditioning Programs (Non-CEU)
By: Rob Orr Ph.D., ADFPTI, BFET, MPhys, TSAC-F

Rob Orr – Movement Orientated Training – Part 3: Exercise Optimization (Non-CEU)
By: Rob Orr Ph.D., ADFPTI, BFET, MPhys, TSAC-F

Benefits and Techniques of Performing the Olympic Lifts With Dumbbells (Non CEU)
By: Allen Hedrick MA, CSCS,*D

Sports Nutrition Series Vol 1 (0.8 NSCA CEUs)
By: Bill Campbell, Ph.D., FISSN, CSCS

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