Athletes and their support staff are often confused about the best approach to induce fat loss. One of the real dangers when attempting to lose fat is the possibility that lean muscle mass will also be sacrificed which leads to decreases in sports performance. In this presentation, Dr. Campbell lays out an easy to follow strategy that athletes can follow to make sure they are losing fat mass and maintaining their hard-earned lean muscle mass.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand in-season vs. off-season fat loss programs for athletes
  • Become familiar with the 4-step plan for optimizing body composition
  • Learn the 3 principles of fat loss for athletes
  • Understand the importance of the rate of fat loss, dietary protein intake, and resistance training during a fat loss program.


Module 1Bill Campbell - Principles of Fat Loss for Athletes (Non-CEU) 
Unit 1Bill Campbell - Principals of Fat Loss for Athletes (Non-CEU)

Presented By

Bill Campbell, Ph.D., FISSN, CSCS

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