In this presentation, Dr. Jeff Potter discusses legal concepts as it relates to physical activity and ultimately working into risk management concepts. One of the key management competencies for anyone involved in Sport, Fitness, Recreation and any other related physical activity area is a clear knowledge and ability to apply legal concepts. The “Law” is a broad area and Dr. Potter focuses on those legal concepts that particularly relate to physical activity.

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop an understanding of the basic structure and concepts of the American legal system
  • Develop an understanding of the basic sources of legal rights and guarantees
  • Develop an understanding of Risk Management, including: torts, negligence and contracts


Module 1Legal Concepts (Non-CEU) 
Unit 1Jeff Potter - Legal Concepts - Part 1 (Non-CEU)
Unit 2Jeff Potter - Legal Concepts - Part 2 (Non-CEU)

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Jeff Potter

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