In this clinic, you will learn from world renowned instructors who develop and teach sport performance classes. They have taught in the field, so the information given in each of their classes have been tried and perfected over many years. Instructors include: Loren Landow, Dr. Jay Dawes, Dr. Bill Campbell, Patrick McHenry, Andrea Hudy, Robert Linkul, Bob McAtee, Dr. Ben Reuter, Chat Williams, Mike McFadden, and Dr. Andy Galpin.

Learning Objectives:

  • Assess athletes’ movement
  • Design warm ups, and workouts for individuals and small groups
  • Learn about nutrition, and supplements
  • A multitude of training modalities



Module 1Online Sports Performance Clinic Fall 2016 (Non-CEU) 
Unit 1Andrea Hudy - Mobility and Soft Tissue Techniques for Recovery and Regeneration
Unit 2Loren Landow- Active Dynamic Warm Up
Unit 3Bob McAtee - 3D Strength - Part 1
Unit 4Bob McAtee - 3D Strength - Part 2
Unit 5Bob McAtee - Facilitated Stretching
Unit 6Robert Linkul - Components of Building a Full Body Program Design
Unit 7Robert Linkul – Semi Private Group Training
Unit 8Chat Williams- Weekend Warrior
Unit 9Bill Campbell – The Art and Science of Meal Frequency for Athletes
Unit 10Bill Campbell – Everything Athletes Need to Know about Protein
Unit 11Loren Landow- Barefoot Training
Unit 12Ben Reuter – Core Training
Unit 13Ben Reuter – Functional Assessment and Corrective Strategies for Improved Swim Performance
Unit 14Patrick McHenry - Resistance Band Training - Indoor
Unit 15Patrick McHenry - Resistance Band Training - Outdoor
Unit 16Mike McFadden – Wall Squat Assessment
Unit 17Andy Galpin – Supplements and Ergogenic Aids - Part 1
Unit 18Andy Galpin – Supplements and Ergogenic Aids - Part 2
Unit 19ESU Round Table - Jay Dawes, Paul Thompson & Janet Hamilton-Endurance Training for Runners
Unit 20Jay Dawes – Active Resistance Training

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