Road to Opening Your Own Studio/Gym…And All the Steps Between

Robert Linkul will guide you through the detailed progression of successful steps for a fitness/performance professionals developing a career in the health & fitness industry. These steps will progress from the rookie trainer/coach entering the industry up to the experienced professional looking to go into business on their own. Linkul will also focus on establishing professional standards as a working professional, developing good business practices, building a clientele, selecting a specialty and mastering your craft and the potential of opening your own studio/gym.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn what professional standards you should uphold while progressing your career as a personal trainer/performance coach (i.e. scope of practice, business protocols, insurance, etc.).
  • Learn career development steps within the industry starting with mentorships/internships, selecting a certification, gaining experience, building a clientele, running a business and eventually opening their own business.
  • Learn what items you will need to consider when opening your own studio, budgetary needs, equipment, business license, employees vs independent contracts and payment processes.


Module 1Robert Linkul- Road to Opening Your Own Studio (Non-CEU) 
Unit 1Robert Linkul - Road to Opening a Studio Part 1
Unit 2Robert Linkul - Road to Opening a Studio Part 2

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Robert Linkul MS CSCS *D NSCA-CPT *D

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