Loren Landow

Director of the Sports Performance Department

“Don’t sacrifice what you want most, for what you want at the moment.”


Coach Landow is highly sought after for his ability to analyze and correct biomechanics. His goal is to maximize human performance, while decreasing the likelihood of injury.  He has trained thousands of athletes of all ages and abilities, including over 400 professional athletes in the NFL, NHL, MLB, UFC, WNBA and Olympic medalist.

Coach Landow served as the Strength and Speed coach during the NFL lockout for over 20 Denver Bronco players and had over 45 professional NFL athletes train with him.  Coach Landow has worked with over 30 NFL All-Pro’s and over 20 first round draft selections in the NFL.  He has been a National and International presenter for the leading organizations in the performance field, and also serves as a consultant for many professional and collegiate teams across the country.  Coach Landow has developed the ACL prevention program and the ACL return to sport protocols for the world renowned Steadman Hawkins Clinic in Denver. 


1 of 4 athletes who suffer ACL tears never make it back to the field or court

+ ACL Injury Prevention The current research is staggering: 1 of 4 athletes who suffer ACL tears never make it back to the field or court. This is not a benign injury as many believe. With the increase in year round play and the speed and power which sports are played, ACL injuries seem to be more common now than ever. Coach Landow has developed specific training strategies that not only teach athletes how to move faster and quicker but also how to stay healthy.

Coach Landow’s Philosophy

“The heart of my philosophy of training is to maximize human performance efficiently and effectively.”

When speaking of the sport performance industry, the most common focus is the blunt fabrication of stronger, faster athletes. I believe, however, that the true purpose of performance training is to keep the athlete on the field or in sport competition and extend their athletic career to the furthest.

I achieve this result by considering various goals.  The obvious goal, regardless of the sport, is to increase speed, power, strength, and agility of the athlete. Moreover, I aim to prepare and equip the body for the needs and demands of the particular sport. 

Performance training has multiple levels. My training is employed by enabling the body to withstand common forces while making the body more resilient to forces of the given sport.  As I teach precise mechanics, I lead my athletes to increase the development of force (strength) and decrease the time it takes to produce that force (speed), thus, yielding greater efficiency with each effort. Superior resilience and efficiency in movement not only augments sport performance, it also allows athletes to undergo less strain in sport, and ultimately extend their athletic career.

Through accurate training methods, proper mechanics become second nature, thus allowing the athlete to do all the right things from wrong positions, such as those manifest in sport. By understanding the difference in bodies and sport, I establish appropriate training protocols relative to the athlete. Furthermore, sequence of training and micro progressions are developed to allow for superior training response at the proper times.

Development of specific Bio-Motor abilities for all sports using a needs analysis for each individual athlete. Developing speed, power, strength, agility, mobility (flexibility and stability) and conditioning based on the sport and position played.