Sports Nutrition Series Vol 1 (0.8 NSCA CEUs)

CEU Approved:

  • 0.8 NSCA CEU (Category D)

Course Description:

In this course, you will learn the essentials of sports nutrition and gain a greater understanding of how nutrition can help you or your athletes optimize training results. Topics to be addressed include:

  • Carbohydrates and Resistance Training Performance
    Duration: 01:01:35
  • Dietary Fat Strategies for Enhancement of Endurance Performance
    Duration: 01:00:06
  • Everything Athletes Need to Know about Protein
    Duration: 01:00:21
  • Popular Sports Supplements for Athletes
    Duration: 00:58:12
  • Principles of Fat Loss for Athletes
    Duration: 00:58:16
  • The Art and Science of Meal Frequency for Athletes
    Duration: 00:55:52
  • The Performance and Physique Enhancement Properties of Milk
    Duration: 00:59:30


Mark Roozen Coaching Tip

#ESUcoachingtips We have our athletes focus their eyes on the ground just a few feet in front of them – not at their feet or all the way down the track or field when accelerating. This helps them stay low during the start to propel the body forward and not up. It also helps them produce more explosive power and be more efficient during acceleration to help them reach top speed faster.
-Mark Roozen, Med, CSCS

Rick Howard Coaching Tip

“Make training fun. Remember the #1 reason young athletes participate in sports is because it is fun. Fun can be described as the balance between success and challenge. Provide plenty of offensive scoring opportunities with modified fields, balls, etc.—but don’t make it easy.”

– Dr. Rick Howard, CSCS


Chad Landers Coaching Tip

Don’t think of “strength” as just something to be worked on in the 1-5 rep range. Shoot for strength PR’s in all rep ranges. Consistency is more crucial to development than intensity.
-Chad Landers, CSCS


Chris Hect Coaching Tip

Football players play football, soccer players play soccer; athletes play whatever they want. A well-developed athlete who participates in multiple activities can be better than your most technically-skilled player.
Chris Hecht, MS, CSCS